Facebook Apps

Protecting People From Malicious Account Compromise Apps

Today, we’re sharing an update on our work against malicious mobile apps available in the official Apple and Google app stores that are designed to compromise people’s Facebook accounts. We’ve shared our findings with industry peers, security researchers and policymakers to help us improve our collective defenses against this threat. Most importantly, because these apps were accessible in third-party app stores, we’re encouraging people to be cautious when downloading a new app that asks for social media credentials and providing practical steps to help people stay safe.

What We’ve Found

Our security researchers have found more than 400 malicious Android and iOS apps this year that were designed to steal Facebook login information and compromise people’s accounts. These apps were listed on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store and disguised as photo editors, games, VPN services, business apps and other utilities to trick people into downloading them. Some examples include:

  • Photo editors, including those that claim to allow you to “turn yourself into a cartoon”
  • VPNs claiming to boost browsing speed or grant access to blocked content or websites
  • Phone utilities such as flashlight apps that claim to brighten your phone’s flashlight 
  • Mobile games falsely promising high-quality 3D graphics
  • Health and lifestyle apps such as horoscopes and fitness trackers
  • Business or ad management apps claiming to provide hidden or unauthorized features not found in official apps by tech platforms.
Pie chart showing categories of malicious apps

This is a highly adversarial space and while our industry peers work to detect and remove malicious software, some of these apps evade detection and make it onto legitimate app stores. We’ve reported these malicious apps to our peers at Apple and Google and they have been taken down from both app stores prior to this report’s publication. We are also alerting people who may have unknowingly self-compromised their accounts by downloading these apps and sharing their credentials, and are helping them to secure their accounts.

How Do These Apps Work?

Malware apps on third-party app stores are disguised to look fun or useful

Malicious developers create malware apps disguised as apps with fun or useful functionality — like cartoon image editors or music players — and publish them on mobile app stores. 

Their developers may publish fake reviews of the app to cover up negative ones

To cover up negative reviews by people who have spotted the defunct or malicious nature of the apps, developers may publish fake reviews to trick others into downloading the malware.

And hope that people will be tricked into downloading it

When a person installs the malicious app, it may ask them to “Login With Facebook” before they are able to use its promised features. If they enter their credentials, the malware steals their username and password. 

The malware can steal user's login information

If the login information is stolen, attackers could potentially gain full access to a person’s account and do things like message their friends or access private information.

Attackers can potentially gain full access to a person's account

How You Can Stay Safe

There are many legitimate apps that offer the features listed above or that may ask you to sign in with Facebook in a safe and secure way. Cybercriminals know how popular these types of apps are and use these themes to trick people and steal their accounts and information. 

Malware apps often have telltale signs that differentiate them from legitimate apps. Here are a few things to consider before logging into a mobile app with your Facebook account:

  1. Requiring social media credentials to use the app: Is the app unusable if you don’t provide your Facebook information? For example, be suspicious of a photo-editing app that needs your Facebook login and password before allowing you to use it.
  2. The app’s reputation: Is the app reputable? Look at its download count, ratings and reviews, including negative ones. 
  3. Promised features: Does the app provide the functionality it says it will, either before or after logging in? 

Here are a few examples of malware apps we found to provide no functionality until you log in with your social media account.

Examples of malicious apps
Example of malicious apps

What to Do If You’re Affected

If you believe you’ve downloaded a malicious app and have logged in with your social media or other online credentials, we recommend that you delete the app from your device immediately and follow the following instructions to secure your accounts: 

  1. Reset and create new strong passwords. Never reuse your password across multiple websites. 
  2. Enable two-factor authentication, preferably using an Authenticator app, to add an extra security layer to your account. 
  3. Turn on log-in alerts so you’ll be notified if someone is trying to access your account. Be sure to review your previous sessions to ensure you recognize which devices have access to your account.

We also encourage people to report malicious applications that compromise Meta accounts to us through our Data Abuse Bounty program.

Threat Indicators

Threat indicators are also available in CSV, TSV, and JSON formats at https://github.com/facebook/malware-detection 

Android Apps

Android Package NameApp Name
apex.hoolom.racecar.appApex Race Game
callerscreen.paper.ringshowCallerPaper Show
com.abs.provideo_editorVideo Converter Master
com.acetoon.studio.facephotoAcetoon Photo Cartoon
com.addtextcoon.shapermoterPhoto Frame PIP Collage Maker
com.adonarusso.daily.horoscopeZodiHoroscope – Fortune Finder
com.ads_manager_helperAds Manager Helper
com.ads.optimizationAd Optimization Meta
com.adsagency.socialmngAd Manager For Social
com.agehohn.fpsgame.appAgent John FPS Game
com.allsite.unloUnblocked Website
com.amazcam.apbestBest Fun Cam
com.amazing.psychologyfactsPsychology Facts
com.androiddharmesh.editorCool Photo Editor
com.androiddharmesh.fashioncamCool Filter Editor
com.anhhuy.adsAds & Page
com.anhhuy.adspagesmanagerAds Pages Manager
com.app.good.constellationmasterConstellation Master
com.applock.easyuse.lockAppLock-Lock Apps & Privacy Guard
com.art.draw.SmoothPictureEditorSmooth Picture Editor
com.artext.picshowText Camera
com.artoon.toonphotoArtoon Photo Cartoon Creator
com.artpics.camproPics Art
com.ashtoon.tooncool.skordoiAshtoon Cartoon Editor
com.atharva.perfect.photoeffectsPerfect Photo Effects | Loop Photo Animator
com.ballmaster.puzzleBomb Master 3D
com.beamuisclab.musicdownloader.song.mp3download.appFree Music Downloader & Free Mp3 Downloader
com.beauty.selfcamera.perfectBeauty Camera
com.beautycamera.plusfunyBeauty Camera Plus
com.beautyeditor.bestphotoeditorPhoto Editor
com.beautymakeup.cameramBeauty Makeup Camera
com.bestpuz.gams.artpicsArt Puzzle 2021
com.biscoco.camfilterBiscuit Coco Cam
com.bluee.gormeBlue-shoot Game
com.blur.image.handleBlur Photo
com.blut.shootingBluetouch Shooting Game
com.bobom.crashran.raceRanger Crash Game
com.boo.bam.frvpnBamboo VPN
com.borderedit.cameraappBorder Sticker Camera
com.brawsantoon.besteditorSkintoon – Labs of Cartoon
com.businessplannerdesignBusiness Planner Manage
com.cam.io.clsClassic filter camera
com.camepicin.libeventPIP Camera 2022
com.candlesvpn.proxyssCandles VPN
com.caniqiwa.perfectpuzzlesPerfect Puzzles
com.cartoons.photofacemakerPhoto editor PIP collage maker
com.caryshughes.toonprismaeffectToonPrisma – 3D Photo Effect
com.charlottefabron.hdvideoplayerHD Video Player with music
com.cliffbradley.youtooncartooneffectYouToon – AI Cartoon Effect
com.colinread.playphooteditorPlay Phoot Editor & Collage
com.collageimage.photofilterPhoto Filter
com.coolcall.callshowColor Call
com.coolcall.newspipcameraPhoto PIP Camera
com.craftstoon.cartoonphotoCraftsart Cartoon Photo Tools
com.creatoonbest.faceeditCreatoon Face Editor
com.creatorlena.viedsPhoto Video Editor:Lena Editor
com.crown.cameraCrown Camera
com.customcamare.ppcameraPhoto Pro 2021
com.d2p.ads_manager_plusAds Manager Plus
com.dahuadata.photomakerpipMaker PIP Gallery
com.dashboardmanagemetaPages Dashboard
com.davykinsman.photoquipo.cartooneffectPhotoquipo Cartoon Pic Effect
com.day.flywallpaperFlyingfish Wallpaper
com.deepwallpaper.hd.liveDeep Wallpaper-live,HD
com.dennisarmstrong.videolancervideomakerVideolancer – Pro Video Maker
com.dreammaker.phgridpipPIP Collage Coco
com.dressing.charm.appsDress up Charming
com.dwyzb23xjiqpsn.zbqyuvfgtion3 Patti King – India Rummy
com.dypica.facepictureFace Picture
com.dysfree.barcode.scannerQR Barcode Scan
com.edgarmay.atecphotoeffectAtec Sparkle Photo Editor 2022
com.editor.xinphotoEnjoy Photo Editor
com.edmondatrentini.dingdingphotoeffectDing Ding Photo Effect Editor
com.expto.akgarhwal.puzzlexArt Photo Puzzle
com.fabiomancini.cartoonpainteffectCartoon Face Photo Editor
com.faceart.savetoon.cartooneditSavetoon Art – Face Cartoon
com.faceartoon.studioonFacetoon Photo Art
com.fast.vpn.lifestylebFast VPN Proxy
com.fb.ads.optimizeAds Optimize
com.fb.metas.adsmanagerAds Manager For Business
com.fillartoon.toonphotosPica Artoon Face Editor
com.filmstrip.drawanimaPhoto Layout Editor
com.filter.photoeditorInstapic: Photo Editor Pro, Collage Maker
com.fimeruv.shapephotoeditorShape Photo Editor
com.fiwyl.sharephotomakerShare Photo Maker
com.flnt.uckSpeedy Vpn Tunnel
com.floydhampton.moldishmansphotoeffectMoldish – Men’s Photo Editor
com.flyspeed.fishFlyFish Speed
com.fonts.text.boardStylist Fonts for Keyboard
com.fotspicass.makerpiccoaPIP Editor Frame Photo
com.fqrs.qrscappFlash QRCode Scanner
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com.gallery.providesArt Filters:Photo to Painting
com.gamebooster.safegameGame Booster
com.gcam.pvintVinto Cam
com.genten.soulmatchEmotion Checker
com.ghost.vpn.masterproxyGhost VPN Proxy
com.gpstrian.phototrianTrain Photo
com.grigoriipeerevozchiikov.animephotoAnime Photo
com.gtrid.edit.bingoemakerPhoto Editor Pic Collage
com.HalogenElement.Frame.TrainPhotoFrameTrain Photo Frame
com.hiepro.hiynodeHiyoo Hidenode pro
com.hiranursaygi.allinoneofficereaderAll in one Doc Editor & Viewer
com.hn.dayblueFun Wallpaper
com.hotspot.vpn.freeproxyHotspot Free VPN
com.hqapps.ppp.wallpaperHighquality Purple Wallpaper
com.hunbeiren.pipeditorimagePIP Editor Image
com.iceselfie.beautycamxIce Selfie Beauty Cam
com.image.move.puzzleImage Move Puzzle
com.instagram.appBusiness from Instagram
com.interaction.wonderfulWonderful Camera
com.ivorfrazier.orahororscopeOra Horoscope – Fortune Finder
com.jxpsnyy.kbvjdjx.dingdingphotoeffectDing Ding Photo Editor
com.kali_corporation.skethcamplusSketch CamPlus
com.kali.free.online.fast.translationInstant Translator
com.kangaroo.vpnproxyKangaroo VPN
com.katarinalang.photocollage.roomPhotoont – Photo Collage Edit
com.kotmob.palmistryPalmistry Reading Free
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com.leg.musclemaker.strong.man.getfitMale fitness
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com.magic.world.daily.mhoroscopeMagic Horoscope
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com.masto.kicterFree Comic Photos
com.maxinetate.jessicabailey.fosterphotoeffectFoster – Cartoon Photo Effect
com.merkee.neosnap.photo.editor.proNeoSnap Photo Editor
com.meta.adsformeta2Business Ads for Meta
com.meta.adsformeta3Business Meta Manager
com.meta.optimizerMeta Optimizer – Ads Analysis
com.meteor.fast.connectionMeteor vpn
com.mexsier.nebwallpaperNebula Wallpaper
com.milohoward.rosalindvega.theobarber.photoframeeffecteditorPhoto Editor – Frame Effect
com.mkce.fsvcFull Screen Video Editor
com.mnbeautif.lanchmnNice Photo
com.moker.stickerSticker Maker Pro
com.mold.figure.gymMold Figure Gym
com.mood.cameraplussMood Camera
com.mosiaguda.astrohoroscopeAstro Horoscope Guide 2022
com.mumu.music.mmpMuMus Music Player
com.newsandpic.cityphotoPhoto PIP 2022
com.niceimg.editorsaCamera PIP
com.nuclearpower.vpnpNuclear VPN Proxy
com.okenyo.creatkartoon.studioOkenyo Studio Creatoon
com.oknia.panacameraPana Camera
com.olfitness.androidDaily Fitness OL
com.onlansuyanto.editor.badingOnlan Cartoon Editor
com.oransoda.player.sodaSoda Music Player
com.palmistry.ofdestinyPalmistry of Destiny
com.papalai.popularemojiPopular Emoji
com.pedomeste.steppedometerHot Sexy Girls
com.perfectphoto.lookablumPerfect Photo Album
com.peweephotoon.halfcartoonPewee Photoon – Photo Cartoon
com.phabanner.cameraigPhoto PIP
com.phonepad.sniperCritical Strike Ops – FPS 3D shooting Game
com.phonepad.towerdefenseTower Defense Zone – Batmen Rush
com.photo.adjusterSimple Photo Adjuster
com.photo.blureffectBlur Effect Camera
com.photo.movePhoto Gaming Puzzle
com.photo.panoramacameraPanorama Camera
com.photoeditor.pipcamera.photoeffectsPip Camera 2022
com.photoeditor.proyPhoto editor Pro
com.photoeditor.sweetsummerSweet Summer Camera App
com.photoeditoreffect.mojungAbrasive Photo Editor
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com.rextate.photovideomakerPhoto Video Creator with Music
com.ring.alarm.tone.flashPop Ringtone
com.rismas.tdaycamChristmas Sticker Camera App
com.rnapp.fmfmAds Manager for Meta
com.roc.ketconRocket Connect
com.rushcar.hypergameRush Car 3D
com.rushhour.hyperovertakeRush Hour 3D – Heavy Traffic
com.rynama.videoeditorVideo Editor
com.safe.fast.connectSafe Link
com.saprontsevgertrud.cartoonillustratorCartoon Illustrator
com.satan.gifpipoPIPO GIF
com.secsurf.fastvpnSurf Vpn
com.seelad.mucxx.apoSealand Music Player
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com.servotronicstech.perfectprocamPerfect ProCam
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com.shirleypope.lightexposureeditLight Exposure Photo Editor
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com.techno.photoposterframeFantastic camera
com.tentwheel.flyingphotoFlying Photo
com.theme.cartoon.board.keyCartoon Keyboard Theme
com.threetranslator.wonderasTranslation Assistant
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com.traffictour.freegameTraffic Tour 3D
com.trixgardner.photazophotoeffectPhotazo – PIP & Cartoon Effect
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com.vendertext.onphotoVender Add Text on Photo
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com.xcar.highwayrace.dsXcar Highway Race
com.xevaphoto.cartoonionXeva Photo Cartoon
com.xingx.gifimageGIFs-Search Animated GIF & Stickers
com.xinx.apls2021 MagicCamPlus
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com.yvpnproxy.freemasterY VPN Master
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crash.vila.touch.gameVilatouch crash game
crash.vltcar.fungame.appVilatouch crash car
fpsgame.olshooter.threed.appOnline Shooter FPS
free.music.download.search.mp3.song.online.playerFree Music Downloader & Music Player
ftp.bomcarcing.crashcarsCrash Racing Game
ftp.camfilter.lovebeautyBeauty Camera Filter
ftp.firattck.fpsgameAction Flame FPS
ftp.piaoyi.racegamesDrift Sprint Racing Game
ftp.raceranger.gameppCityRanger Racing Game
funcam.fredonm.appThefun Camera
game.deserthuting.appDesert Hunting Game
game.trytospin.nipsotyrtllTry to spin
lunarzodiacg.besthoroLunar Zodiac Horoscope
media.callshow.vc.flashCallshow Flash
media.grape.sdhnt.playerGrape Media Player
media.tean.music.appxTean Music Player
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net.coolware.smart.camera.ultra2022 Ultra Camera
net.fpsol.shootersCode Name-Vulture FPS OL
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net.red.pi.fashion.cameraRed Camera
net.snaphdphotoeditorapp.ishscsnaphdphotoeditorSnap: HD Photo Editor
net.ssonn.boomraceLightning Drift Racing
net.sweetplus.camxOne-Sweet Camera
net.teecho.camche.cameraBaby Camera
org.crashmaster.funrace.apsCrash Race Master
org.donfan.player.appDonfan Music Player
org.mumu.hdpalyer.appsMulu Music Player
org.musinvshen.playerMusae Music Player
org.nzombie.hutgameNight Hunter Game
org.skysound.music.playerTeana Music Player
org.svpn.goatsheepGoat Safe VPN
org.zipaimei.camfilterSnapBeauty Cam Filter
player.mmm.mediapp.otrsMostfun Media Music
player.pmte.nfyti.mediaPomelo Music Player
player.seashel.loud.mediaSealod Music Player
player.shellvoice.appSeaShell Music Player
program.data.agus.datKite camera
race.apex.accre.gameApex Crash Race
solo.impostormaster.killImpostor Master Solo Kill 2021
spdcar.gamedrag.racgame.appInstant Drag Speed Racing
sped.racear.game.plusxExtreme Speed Race
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win.calshow.zzplus.appCallpaper Show
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iOS Apps 

iOS App IDApp Name
1555651942FB Advertising Optimization
1561642325Business ADS Manager
1563142182Ads Analytics
1564091908FB Adverts Optimization
1566705026FB Analytic
1566706023FB Adverts Community
1574530186Adverts Ai Optimize
1587056055Very Business Manager
1591775710FB Business Support
1593368297Fb Ads
1596775769Meta Optimizer
1597553589Business Manager Pages
1598946098Adverts Manager
1600072709Meta Adverts Manager
1600404846Ad Optimization Meta
1601275530FB Pages Manager
1602637866Business Ads
1603255418Meta Business
1603571287Business Suite Manager
1604086670FB Ads Cost
1607057895Adverts Bussiness Suite
1608743187Business Ads Clock
1609915932Ads & Pages
1610859814Business Suite
1610944161Business & Ads
1612196202Business Manager Overview
1613983385Business Suite Ads
1619733733Page Suite Manager
1622402517Business Meta Support
1623362126Pages Manager Suite
1625368035Business Meta Pages
1626632781Business Suite Ads
1626692617Ads Business Knowledge
1629919774Page Suite Managers
1631778308Pages Managers Suite
1632069527Ads Business Advance
1632606219Pages Manager Suite
1633012933Business Suite Optimize
1633016482Business Manager Suite
1633078757Business Suite Managers
1633828994Ads Business Manager
1635045234Ads Business Suite
1635301567Business Manager Pages
1635555183Business Adverts Manager
1636196931Ads Manager Suite
1636825108Business Manager Pages
1639572841Ads & Business Suite

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