Water Resorces Issue

South Asia is grappling with a severe water scarcity crisis affecting more children than anywhere else globally, according to the United Nations. A staggering 347 million children under 18 face high or extremely high water scarcity in the region, encompassing Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.Continue Reading

This could be utilized for various purposes including as medication, lipstick, and, surprisingly, as a stain for violins. Mythical serpent blood tree berries are vigorously esteemed, especially as nourishment for domesticated animals. Indeed, even only a couple of berries work on the wellbeing of cows and goats. In any case,Continue Reading


Key research finding The composition of the atmosphere, especially the abundance of greenhouse gases, influences Earth’s climate. Researchers at Purdue University, led by Stephanie Olson, assistant professor of earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences, have recently found that the presence of salt in seawater can also have a major impact onContinue Reading

Blood contains a combination of exosomes discharged from virtually all tissues and cells, and exosomes from different tissues can veil changes brought about by infection, making it challenging to recognize the presence of biomarkers that reflect illness.The National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN), situated in Japan, hasContinue Reading

Enormous annihilation and change of normal territories, water scattering, deforestation and illicit hunting and exchange have negatively affected Pakistan’s striving natural life throughout the most recent ten years, presenting genuine dangers to a few interesting animal groups, as indicated by specialists and government authorities. By and by, they said someContinue Reading

“Overall, studies have estimated that 1 in 76 women are at risk of developing ovarian cancer in their lifetime, and having endometriosis increases this slightly to 1 in 55,” says Mortlock. We still don’t know how to predict which endo patients are more likely to develop ovarian cancers, but Mortlock’s recent researchContinue Reading