How to lock WhatsApp on the iPhone

To ensure that no one can get to your WhatsApp on your iPhone without your consent, then you can lock it and add Apple’s Face ID and a password to the application. This permits you to lock Whatsapp on the iPhone after each time you use it, guaranteeing that your data is simply accessible to individuals to who you permit admittance to your gadget.

It is easy to set up the lock WhatsApp include on the Phone, this adds one more layer of safety to your WhatsApp application. To lock WhatsApp on the iPhone you will initially have to set this element up, you can figure out subtleties on the most proficient method to do this beneath.

How would I set up Face ID with WhatsApp?
The most effective way to lock your WhatsApp application on your gadget is to set up FaceID, this implies that when you access the application it will naturally open. This works the very same way your iPhone opens with Face ID.

To turn this component on go to the WhatsApp application on your iPhone and afterward select Settings then go to Account and afterward Privacy, presently select Screen Lock, and afterward turn the switch on for Require Face ID.

Each time you open the WhatsApp application on your iPhone it will utilize Face ID to open your gadget, on the off chance that your Face ID doesn’t work, you will then be incited to enter the password for your iPhone.

How would I switch Face ID off for WhatsApp?
If you have any desire to switch this component off on WhatsApp then there are two different ways you can do this, you can follow the strategy above or you can switch it off from the Settings menu on your iPhone.

To switch Face ID off for WhatsApp by means of the Settings menu you want to go to Settings > Face ID and Passcode you will then, at that point, be provoked to enter your Passcode. Whenever this is done choose Other Apps and afterward select WhatsApp from the rundown, you can then switch the flip off and you will actually want to get to WhatsApp in the future without utilizing Face ID or a password

That is all there is to it, a basic method for adding an additional a layer of security to WhatsApp on your iPhone. It permits you to guarantee that your messages and visits on WhatsApp are safeguarded and assists you with safeguarding your security on your iPhone. We want to believe that you find this guide valuable, assuming you have any tips or questions, kindly leave a remark underneath and let us know. Additionally, try to look at our other convenient aides for bunches of tips and deceives to get the best out of your gadgets.

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