In its latest beta updates, WhatsApp for Android reintroduces Muted Updates and Channel Polls.

WhatsApp, one of the most widely used instant messaging apps globally, remains committed to enhancing the user experience by continually introducing new features and updates. In the past week, the app’s development team has launched two noteworthy beta updates on Android, incorporating some intriguing elements.

The first update, version v2.23.24.11 of the Android beta app, brought back the Muted Updates feature, which had temporarily vanished from the primary Updates tab with the introduction of Channels. Previously, accessing Muted updates required users to navigate through the three-dot menu in the Updates tab, which was less convenient compared to having them directly displayed in the primary tab.

Subsequently, in version v2.23.24.12, WhatsApp introduced the capability to create and share polls within Channels. This feature resembles the polls available in one-on-one and group chats, albeit with some distinctions. To prevent spam and ensure the accuracy of poll results, the Channel polls permit only one choice per user. Moreover, these polls are conducted anonymously, ensuring that the identity of voters remains confidential.

The ability to create and share polls within Channels serves various purposes, including gathering feedback from community members or organizing contests and giveaways. The reinstatement of Muted updates is a valuable addition for users who prefer to keep their status updates muted, enabling them to conveniently access all muted status updates in one location without navigating through multiple menus.

However, it’s important to note that both of these features are currently accessible to a limited group of users using the beta app. Given that the WhatsApp beta program is consistently at full capacity, it may take some time before these features become available in the stable public app for all users.

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