iPhone 15 Pro Users: Fix Overheating Issues With Apple’s Latest iOS 17 Update

If you’ve been dealing with overheating issues on your new iPhone, especially when using apps like Uber and Instagram, download this software update now.

Apple has issued a patch just weeks after the iPhone 15 Pro was released and people began complaining about overheating issues with their devices.

Apple issued iOS 17.0.3 on Wednesday, saying that the software update provides security updates and bug fixes, including the issue that could cause your iPhone to run hot.

It follows people sharing stories online about how their new iPhones were overheating or felt uncomfortably hot to hold.

Apple told CNET over the weekend that the iPhone overheating complaints were caused by a software bug in iOS 17, rather than the physical design of the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as “recent updates to third-party apps,” including Instagram and Uber.

To download the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update, tap Install Now and follow the onscreen prompts, and here are some simple steps you can take to cool down your phone.

The patch comes just after Apple released iOS 17.1 beta 2.

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