AI Photo Editing

Adobe AI can now detect faces, clothes for better photo editing

Adobe’s Lightroom software is now using artificial intelligence to make the process of editing photos faster and more efficient, the company announced on Tuesday at its Max Conference.

According to CNET, the AI technology, now available in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and the smartphone versions of the software, recognises not only facial features but also people, objects, and clothing.
Adobe’s AI analysis tool is yet another proof of how fast artificial intelligence is advancing to speed up processes that computers could not once imagine doing.

After being fed a colossal amount of real-world data, AI is able to detect patterns and behave like a human’s brain. This is different from the traditional if-this-then-that instructions.

From generating art to identifying criminals and fraud, AI can now perform a plethora of tasks.

Other selection features of Lightroom include the ability to isolate a particular individual from any photo.

At the conference, the company also announced several other improvements like some advancements in the automatic masking tool.

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