Hamas Agrees to Extend Gaza Truce by Two Days, Confirms Qatar and Egypt Involvement Hamas officials have announced an agreement to prolong the temporary humanitarian truce with Israel by an additional two days. The extension, reached in collaboration with Qatar and Egypt, maintains the same conditions as the preceding four-dayContinue Reading

Hamas Gaza War

Introduction:The recent Arab-Islamic summit hosted by Saudi Arabia to address the Israel-Gaza war has drawn criticism from the Palestinian group Hamas, who expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome. The summit aimed to find a resolution to the ongoing violence and tensions in the region, but according to Hamas, no concrete stepsContinue Reading

Save Palestine

In response to heightened hostilities on Sunday, Israel has declared its readiness to restore calm along the Lebanese front. The situation escalated as Hezbollah, in a cross-border missile attack, injured civilians, prompting the Israeli air force to target sites associated with the Iranian-backed group. Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the chiefContinue Reading

Israeli take part in a gathering and prayer calling for the release of hostages, in Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed CNN’s Dana Bash that the primary objectives of Israel are to dismantle Hamas and secure the release of over 200 hostages. He expressed empathy for the families of the hostages, acknowledging their distress and described the situation as “torturous.” Netanyahu emphasized that Israel isContinue Reading