As independent candidates affiliated with PTI vie for election symbols from the ECP, a total of 150 political parties have successfully secured unified party symbols from the electoral body. Among the prominent contenders, PML-N has embraced the ‘tiger’ symbol, while PPPP will uphold its traditional ‘arrow’ symbol. PTI, now withoutContinue Reading


On Monday, the Indian Supreme Court declared that Article 370, which had provided special status to the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), was a temporary provision, affirming that the occupied territory is an integral part of the country, as reported by NDTV. The unilateral abrogation of the specialContinue Reading


The Punjab government, having decided to roll out an annual premium deduction for its employees as part of the health insurance program, officially approved the measure following a decision made in October. After receiving confirmation from the health department, the provincial cabinet has granted its endorsement to the salary deductionContinue Reading

Under Age Drivers

Due to a significant surge in citizens seeking driving licenses, the traffic police department increased its facilities to 33 to accommodate the demand. However, there were reports of the Lahore police misusing the campaign by filing cases against citizens/drivers with learning or expired licenses. Higher authorities intervened, halting the registrationContinue Reading