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How to Create Backlinks to Your Website | How to Build 500+ Backlinks Without Paying for Them

How to Create Backlinks

If you want to make money online, it’s not enough just to get links from others. You need some good backlink building on your website and building a community of people who love what you have! And by that I mean quality content that is also unique from other sites or brands that you are following. It is important to build trust, which often means making links in the first place, but how do you do this? How do you get those links? What is creating these links in the first place? What is producing them without even having to buy a domain name or hosting? There is no easy answer when it comes to this because there are many variables depending on where you live and even your area code. But then again, if you follow the rules you should be getting solid backlinks for your site, like:

High-Quality Content

The next step in linking to your site is always to make sure your content is high-quality. A good way to do this is to read through your competitors’ websites and see what they are doing wrong. Check their back links, keywords and even link types. This will allow you to create some great backlinks for you if you choose to use several different links on your pages. Read more about doing this in my previous article with the “How To Make Money On Your Own Website Using The Power Of Link Building”.

Links With High Authority

When you’ve created content on your site, put some effort into making sure all the links pointing to the location (or your blog) have high authority to help you with SEO. For example, if possible, don’t forget to add a description to each of your links. In addition to simply giving it at least 20 words, it is really important to write descriptions for the key topics that your readers will be talking about. Use the same strategy as above when writing the content for your links.

The final step in creating backlinks if you’re looking to increase your organic reach, search engine traffic and backlinks are to find out where your competition is pointing to! Google has lots of suggestions for where your competitors are directing their links. Some good places to look are your social feeds, Twitter accounts, Facebook groups, Pinterest posts and even your own homepage. However, you must only use official URLs of companies that have been approved to use their services and avoid using sites on forums where they are not known. Keep in mind, though, that most of the time we can only recommend links to sites in our network, so here are some best practices to keep in mind if choosing domains.

Don’t Just Take Links From Other Networks

Many times if someone searches for something on Google and finds one of the first 100 results that are on your web site, it is probably that those links are pointing to yours. That is why I’m going to suggest two things now, as well. One is NOT to take any links from ANYONE else that does not directly relate to your business, or niche. For instance, let’s say I am promoting an eCommerce store. Instead of taking the “Amazon Smile” from Amazon or Shopzilla, I would rather promote somewhere else that offers the product, such as eBay, or Amazon itself. Then instead of promoting my own products, I would promote eBay products. When it comes to linking to your competitors, it might be easier, but it just doesn’t make sense to do.

What Should I Do Next After Creating Backlinks?

If you’ve already made some backlinks, now it is time to start growing them. Here are some tips to grow your backlinks fast and easily:

  1. Get Active – Start a discussion group. Be active and let people come to the discussion forum whether they have lost backlinks or not. Let your friends join and discuss your affiliate program with others. Talk about opportunities to offer to pay to promote them. Even if you are working with one, there are many avenues to support your business. Asking questions can help you discover many ways to promote your content so it isn’t hard to find your way here.
  2. Focus On Getting Better Backlinks – At the very least, pick three to five backlinks per day and focus on growing them, while still being active. If you haven’t started creating backlinks yet, pick up a copy of that blog post and go through the comments. Look at the top 10 people commenting and try to promote your content. Go beyond using a simple meta tag. Try to promote on popular blogs, but also on your own site. Use internal links, guest posting and blogging. Blogging isn’t just for beginners’s or bloggers though! Everyone has the potential to write amazing blog articles that can have a huge, positive impact on the world! Don’t forget to share this content on any platforms outside of your home town.
  3. Get Into Social Media Groups – Once you know your target audience, set up a LinkedIn account with them. Now, whenever you want to promote that information you had found out, you would take advantage of a group like that. If you get a response and make sales, even better! Find these groups within your city and join many! Join groups that you hope would be interested in your product/service and talk about it there. You have already established your brand connection, so now you know why they would be interested or join the conversation.
  4. Reach Out To Others – Finally, take advantage of the wonderful world of email. Email is a powerful marketing tool that gets great results in both personal and professional networks. Plus, email can be sent from multiple locations. All it takes to send emails to everyone is a single letter, and it can be used anywhere you can send an electronic mail. Send emails and ask a question to anyone that can help! Sending weekly emails is especially popular among marketers. I find myself sending hundreds of emails a week. Emailing regularly helps me to become efficient at selling my products to the right market by helping people learn everything I have to say about your brand.

Don’t Forget About Video Marketing!

As mentioned earlier, video is another great way to increase web traffic, generate leads and connect with new customers. While you may be able to post videos to your existing Youtube page, it can be a lot easier to create a YouTube channel for an interesting topic. Once you have decided on a specific subject or series, create a list of videos that relate to it. Having a consistent list of videos may seem obvious to some, but it is crucial to making your business successful. Once you have compiled your list, find one that you think would appeal to your viewers and record it. Have fun with it and make a few video clips to promote your site and give yourself some extra juice! Video is a great way to connect with your audience and increase your conversions, too!

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