Parents for making ‘summer camps’ financially affordable for all

With the start of the summer holidays, scores of the country’s private schools are starting summer camps offering a wide variety of educational and sports activities which parents have encouraged but a vast majority have demanded to make them financially affordable in this time of high inflation.

Parents of various schoolchildren of the private schools have complained that the summer camps activity which could be productive and positive engagement for children was being used as a tool to mint money.

“No doubt these summer camps are a blessing for parents and a new trend to keep our kids engaged and we can rest and feel relieved as they are away from home for some time in these camps, but summer camps are too expensive and over-charging, said Sara Khokhar, a mother of the girl while speaking to a private news channel said.
The majority of schools are charging high for the summer camps and this practice must be discouraged and a certain limit is fixed to allow people of every budget to enjoy this facility, parents of another child complained.

A father of two said that it was not possible for him to afford his both children’s summer camp fee but his children are forcing them for admission, however, private school management should give them discounts and offer these activities within our limited fee structures.

Summer camps are the activity hubs where children of similar age groups can get together and are facilitated by a trained adult, said a father.
On the other hand, the teaching staff of schools said that Summer camps are not much expensive at all as we are offering quality teaching staff in a fun learning environment and providing a wide range of activities for kids in summer.

The cost of the camp depends on the target audience and the specialized courses which parents are choosing for their kids, teacher Hina added.

A parent also demanded school authorities that the schools’ management should at least give free entries to their students in these camps and offer less expensive activities to their regular school kids.

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