Procedure for renewing a driving license in Islamabad, Pakistan

The procedure for renewing a driving license in Islamabad, Pakistan comprises several sequential actions. It’s crucial to bear in mind that this process may evolve with time, so it’s advisable to consult the pertinent authorities for the most current instructions. Here’s a general overview of the steps to consider for driving license renewal:

  • Determine Eligibility: Begin by confirming your eligibility for driving license renewal. Typically, driving licenses must be renewed every five years, though this duration can vary.
  • Assemble Necessary Documentation:
  • Your current or expired driving license.
  • Your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC).
  • A recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Any additional documents specified by the licensing authority.
  • Submit Fees: You must make the required payment for license renewal. Be aware that the fee structure might change, so it’s essential to inquire with the relevant authorities for the current fees.
  • Visit the Licensing Office:
  • Identify the nearest licensing office in Islamabad, which typically has multiple branches throughout the city.
  • Pay a visit to the licensing office during their regular operating hours.
  • Obtain an Application Form: Acquire an application form designed for driving license renewal. These forms can usually be obtained from the licensing office or the official website.
  • Complete the Form: Fill in the application form with all the necessary details.
  • Document Verification: Your documents, including your CNIC and photograph, will be subject to verification by the authorities.
  • Medical Examination: You may be required to undergo a basic medical evaluation to ensure your fitness for driving.
  • Biometric Data: In certain instances, you might need to provide biometric data like thumbprints and photographs for your new license.
  • Initiate the Renewal Process: Submit the completed application form along with the essential documents and the renewal fee. Typically, your old license will be retained by the authorities.
  • Waiting Period: Expect a specific waiting period while your renewal request is processed. The duration of this period can vary depending on the workload of the licensing office.
  • Collect Your Renewed License: After your renewal is processed, you can collect your updated driving license. This usually involves presenting the receipt you obtained during the application process.

Remember to verify the most recent updates and specific requirements with the Islamabad Traffic Police or the relevant authority since procedures can change over time. It’s also advisable to commence the renewal process well in advance of your current license’s expiration date to prevent any complications associated with driving with an expired license.

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