The Benefits and Features of ‘X’ Premium Subscription

“X Social Media site has introduced additional features to enhance the user experience. There are three tiers of premium subscription, with various features available in each tier. The subscription price starts at $3 per month or $32 annually for eligible countries.

Premium subscriptions offer multiple features that vary based on the premium tier. Here are the available features for each premium tier:

  1. Edit Posts:
    This feature provides a one-hour window to make limited edits to your published posts, such as updating, tagging someone, or reordering your attached media.
  2. Long Posts:
    Subscribers can post up to 25,000 characters in a single post, making it possible for extended content. Only premium subscribers can write long posts.
  3. Extended Video Uploads:
    Premium subscribers can upload long videos up to 3 hours in duration and with a quality of up to 1080p (8GB limit).
  4. Priority Ranking in Replies:
    Posts with interactions get a slight boost in ranking. Additionally, your replies receive a boost, putting them on top of the reply thread.
  5. Bookmark Folders:
    Subscribers can organize groups and bookmark posts into folders for easy access and quick retrieval.
  6. Custom Text Formatting:
    Now, you can format text in your posts, including bold and italics.
  7. Highlighted Posts:
    Highlight your best posts to showcase them in a dedicated tab on your profile.
  8. In-DM Links:
    Premium subscribers can initiate secret DM messages with other premium accounts.
  9. Create Communities:
    As a premium subscriber, you can create a community for people to join, share, and subscribe.

Premium Plus subscribers get additional benefits:

  1. Blue Checkmark:
    Verified premium subscribers can have a blue checkmark next to their name, indicating authenticity.
  2. Ad Revenue Share:
    Verified accounts can earn a share of the advertising revenue generated by their posted content in X.
  3. Reduced Ads on Your Timeline:
    Premium tier subscribers experience nearly 50% fewer ads in their timelines.
  4. Ad-Free Following Timelines:
    Premium Plus tier subscribers have no ads in their following timelines.
  5. Restricted Replies to Verified Posts:
    Verified accounts can limit replies to their posts to only other verified accounts.
  6. Blue Tick Privacy:
    Verified accounts can hide their blue tick if they choose.
  7. Identity Verification:
    Secure your account from hacking by providing government-issued ID for verification.
  8. Media Studio:
    Organize the images and videos you’ve uploaded to X on
  9. X Pro:
    View multiple curated timelines that can be refreshed in real-time and reference advanced search.

Note: Not all features are available on all platforms and in all regions. Premium features may change over time.”

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