Pakistan’s Prime Artificial Intelligence Expert is now part of the United Nations’ top-level advisory board on artificial intelligence ethics

“United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has announced the formation of a 39-member advisory board on international governance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) issues. The board includes Pakistan’s digital rights advocate, Nighat Dad, who is serving as the Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF).

Nighat Dad is currently serving as the Executive Director of the Digital Rights Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization in Pakistan. Her work is centered around addressing critical issues like online freedom of expression, privacy, and countering violence based on tech-enabled abuses.

The United Nations has stated on its website that Nighat Dad’s unwavering commitment extends beyond the borders of her country, as she advocates for global perspectives on emerging technologies and regulatory frameworks. Her expertise and advocacy are instrumental in promoting global discourse on issues related to the fast-evolving technologies and regulatory frameworks.

Nighat Dad’s exceptional achievements in the field of digital rights have earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as a TED Fellow and the Dutch Human Rights Tulip Award. Her extensive achievements highlight her invaluable contributions to the global advancement of human rights and digital freedoms.

The United Nations emphasizes that the formation of its Secretary-General’s Multistakeholder Advisory Body is a global effort to ensure rigorous analysis before making recommendations for governing artificial intelligence on a global scale. The goal is to make technology work for humanity’s benefit while addressing its risks and uncertainties.

This development comes at a time when artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining acceptance across various domains worldwide. The United Nations has called for the establishment of the operations and secretariat of the Secretary-General’s advisory body within the Office of the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Technology.”

Please note that the translation and rephrasing are intended to convey the same information in a more detailed and clear manner in English.

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