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WhatsApp Is Currently Testing A ‘Communities’ Tab On Android: How Will It Work?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen WhatsApp working on the Communities feature. Beta leaks from internal testing has shed some light on what we can expect from this feature, and now the feature was spotted being in development on Android too.
The leaked screenshot shows a dedicated tab for the Communities section. This tab will essentially be replacing the camera tab on WhatsApp’s UI, from the looks of it. As per the leak, there is no particular indication if the camera tab will be routed to some other space or eliminated completely.

The screenshot also highlights the feature of the Communities tab, which states, “Communities bring related groups together.”

The feature has been in development for quite some time now.

report from November last year revealed the feature was reminiscent of chatrooms on Discord where people with similar interests could communicate with each other.
At the time, the screenshot revealed the Community space where individuals would communicate with one another.

While the feature looks like it’s almost ready to go, there is no tentative timeline when the feature would be made live for users on Android as well as iOS versions of the app.

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