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5 High-Specs Laptops for Kids In 2022

Does the question arise whether to buy a smartphone or laptop for your kids or not? Every parent seems concerned about online safety and responsibility. After Covid-19 many schools consider laptops as an essential instructional tool and facilitate the students with laptops or notebooks in their classrooms. Other schools ask parents to buy laptops to fulfill their kids’ educational needs.

Yes, it is very tricky and troublesome to give your child a heavy-specs laptop. It’s a bit challenging to choose the right laptop for your child with all the necessary specifications and durability. You also need to understand that a child needs a lightweight laptop that would be easier for him to carry. As distance learning has been promoted by many schools, therefore, laptops have become a necessity for every child to do homework online, also need to attend virtual classes that cannot be done without having a proper laptop.

It has been observed that parents are always found in search of a laptop that is durable and highly specified to avoid the hassle. People always try to find laptops with enhanced durable features like those seen in ASUS Chromebook C202SA, which has a spill-proof keyboard and impact-resistant frames. This helps to protect the keyboard from a spill of water or juice to wipe out your investment. Many kids-friendly laptops are easily available in the market like the ASUS Vivo book A 15 on Amazon. Moreover, these laptops are with enhanced features like temper-proof keys and lay flat hinges to protect against common types of mishandling.

As kids can go from one site to another without knowing the pros and cons of the website appropriate for their age or not, or parents seem concerned about e-safety issues. By keeping this fact in mind many modern laptops are available which have specified software settings for parental control features like content filtering and adjusting screen time limits. Moreover, you can adjust the automatic security updates to keep track. If you are searching for a laptop for an older kid, then you need to bring a few things into consideration such as its, speed, performance, durability, and data storage capacity.

Your main concerns are likely speed, pricing, and performance, and you need to be sure that the laptop must have the specifications needed for efficient multitasking while buying a laptop for an older kid. Always buy a laptop that must have a powerful processor, motherboard, Ram, Rom, and a decent amount of memory to facilitate smoother performance.

While parents want durability and productivity, kids need entertainment from their computers. Therefore, search for a laptop that can be utilized for both the purposes of education and fun. Usability, cost, and durability are the other factors to consider.

In this write-up, we bring you the best laptops details with specifications, battery time, and prices to make your decision easy when you are planning to buy a laptop for your child

Lenovo Chromebook Duet


Lenovo Chromebook Duet is a 2-in-1 device that can be used as a laptop and a notebook at the same time. It has a detachable keyboard with a touch-sensitive screen. When a gadget is in laptop mode, it serves with a folding kickstand that props up the screen.Chrome duet notebook features 4GB memory and 64GB onboard storage. This is not a heavy specification but will help to cater to all your needs. The only feature which will bother you is its screen which is very small (10.1 inch) and it has only one USB port, but this can be solved by using a USB-C hub. Its price may vary from $399 (77,452) to $255 (58,261) Pkr/- depending on where you are buying from. It serves 16 hours and 55 minutes of battery time

ASUS Chromebook FlipC214

ASUS Chromebook

When your kids are attending online classes Chromebook C214 is a fantastic option, as they need to attend online classes and have to complete their homework. A user-friendly Chromebook C214 comprises a Wi-Fi antenna, a user-friendly interface, and a rugged design which is the best choice for kids who are learning from home. Its spill-resistant keyboard, drop-proof body (up to four feet), and lay flat design help to protect against breakage.

Its features and specification include 4GB Ram, 32 GB onboard storage, two USB ports, HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a headphone jack. Its keyboard has larger letters and a shorter travel distance to make typing easier for beginners. Its price may start from $246 (56,204) Pkr/-.Its battery life lasts for up to 11 hours.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

Surface Go2

Microsoft Surface Go 2 is specifically designed by keeping parents’ and child’s educational needs in mind. Its super slim 10.5-inch screen with an attachable keyboard makes it compatible for its users to carry easily from one place to other. Despite its appearance, it has numerous amazing features likewise a laptop than a tablet. It runs the full windows 10 operating system instead of a Chromebook system and holds screen time limits, built-in parental control feature, and content filters. These features help a parent to keep an eye on the child’s online activities.

The Surface Go 2 is available with an Intel Pentium 4425Y or Intel Core M3 processor. It may also be configured with 8GB or 4GB RAM and either 64 or 128GB of storage. Surface Go 2 is a versatile lightweight computer that consists of the most expensive variant of LTE connectivity for internet access when not connected to Wi-Fi. But its downside includes that it has only one USB port. Its price varies from $274 (62,602) Pkr/- to $300 (68,542) Pkr/-. Its battery life is up to 10 hours.

Apple MacBook Air 13

Apple MacBook Air 13

If your child is in that age group, where he needs a fully equipped laptop to perform more complex programs then MacBook Air is worth buying. Apple MacBook Air is a full-featured laptop with a syncing option for iPhones. It is the best choice for kids who are in higher grades and need a laptop with featured specifications. It has a 13.3-inch display, a high-definition camera for clear video conversations, and an 11-hour battery life.

The aluminum body is only 0.63 inches thick and only 2.8 pounds in weight. Although, the Mac Air Book is an expensive option to invest in, but worth buying it. It’s a powerful laptop with all the necessary specifications and memory that can be used by kids and adults for official use. It has the latest Core i7 motherboard with 16 GB memory. It is available in black, grey and silver color. Its price starts from (269,900) Pkr/-and battery lasts up to 17 hours.

ASUS Vivo Book S14


If you are in search of a bigger screen, better processor, and highly specified laptop then your search ends here. ASUS Vivo Book S14 is the solution, if you are looking for an older child to perform multiple complex tasks at a time. Vivo Book allows you to enjoy a 14-inch display at an affordable price. Its Nano-Edge bezels allow a user to maximize the display size without adding any additional bulk to the laptop body.

It comes with a strong 11-generation processor, 512 GB of data storage, and 8 GB of memory. These strong specifications support the windows 10 operating system which is difficult to find in any notebook. Its impressive performance, fun color options, and a plethora of ports justify its price. Viva Book S14 is a wise decision to invest in and a solid choice if you are in search of a sophisticated laptop. Its price starts from (79,999) Pkr/- and the battery lasts up to 10 hours.

If your child is in junior grades then the chrome Duet is the best option to choose due to its durability and small screen. On the contrary, if a child is older than Vivo Book S14 is the best option to choose because of its display size and compatible operating system.

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