Islamabad Safe City

Coverage Of Islamabad Safe City Extended Through Installation Of More Cameras

The Islamabad safe city project has been extended through the installation of 530 more cameras and repairing of 487 cameras which would ensure broader online monitoring and help curb crime in the city.

As per the vision of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, efforts are underway to secure the Capital while Islamabad Safe City Project is being made more effective and its reorganization is underway, said a release issued on Tuesday.

Following directions of Minister for Interior Rana Sanaullah Khan, DIG Safe City Romail Akram and his team have worked day and night to expand the coverage of the project.

In Islamabad Safe City, 487 cameras have been made functional again which were closed due to development works and fibre cuts. Similarly, 530 new cameras have been installed across the district, including 50 cameras at the entrances and exits of Islamabad. Six out of 20 LTE towers of Safe City were damaged which have been made functional while the fibre of Safe City in a radius of 100 kilometres has been also repaired.

Similarly, 48 cameras of CDA have been attached to Safe City Islamabad which will help CDA in new initiatives. Safe City has installed cameras on CDA’s green, orange and blue line bus routes.

In addition, the work of connecting the cameras of N5 Motorway toll plazas, F-10 Markaz, Shifa International Hospital, various food centres, business centres and shopping malls with Safe City is also in progress.

The Safe City Islamabad has re-launched the e-Challan system which was closed for a long time while Pucar 15, Eagle Squad and the Supervisory structure of Safe City has been came together under one roof to monitor the crime situation. The phase of linking the Safe City project with the Punjab Excise database has been also restored which was pending for a long time.

Eagle Squad has been linked with Safe City to further improve its performance and ensure prompt response in case of any emergency. The Safe City received 3,88,761 calls during the last five months while 570 important events were covered by Safe City drone teams and 260 events were covered by smart cars.

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Dr Akbar Nasir Khan has said that the Islamabad Safe City project has been made more effective and its coverage will reach every area of the Federal capital shortly.

He said that all the emergency services of Islamabad are working efficiently within Safe City Islamabad Safe City Project will be the best model of Pakistan in future. IGP Islamabad appreciated DIG Safe City Rumil Akram and his entire team for working hard day and night.

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